Another World

Spielman in Bad Company

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SPIELMAN IN BAD COMPANY – Another World Digital Cover

The follow-up to „Sweet Songs For The Dying“ is a rock album – in the best and most entertaining way a contemporary rock album can sound like. It features modern sounds and styles without denying its roots in straightforward American guitar music and the band gets experimental more purposefully and nuanced than ever to enhance the underlying rock atmosphere. Melding together contrasting elements is an overarching theme here! Field trips into dub, 8Bit Madness, digital walls of sound and gritty solos always feel motivated and circle back to the main road: an audio-cinematic experience with convincing protagonists and highly complex supporting actors. And speaking of „supporting actors“: three tracks also feature guest artists like Daniel Stoyanov (Malky), Jaqee and Yarah Bravo. Not to be missed!

„Another World“ released on October 7, 2022 on all major streaming services.